Can foul-release coatings be used across the board on yachts, instead of traditional antifoulings?

While a biocide-free, foul-release type coating, Intersleek 900, already exists in our Interlux range this does not mean that these types of products are automatically suitable for every pleasure yacht.

To ensure these coating systems work to your expectations, we manage – very carefully – the distribution of the product and also the relevant training for associated boat yards/marinas. We also take great steps to ensure you have complete information regarding potential cleaning cycles, the special handling and launch procedures involved and overall education in this coating system. You will get great benefits when maintaining the system. Not only will it lead to sustained, reduced drag performance but the system may last you 3 to 5 years and beyond!

For Intersleek 900 to be a successful coating for a pleasure craft, the boat needs to be highly active (most yachts are in fact >95% inactive over their life) or regularly cleaned. The vessel needs to be active at over 10 knots in order for the self-cleaning nature of the product to begin to work. At lower speeds there is a requirement for frequent in-service cleaning, again something not common across the yacht industry.

Intersleek 900 relies for its efficacy on having an intact surface. Frequent impacts and collisions that occur daily with many yachts (such as fender rub, anchor chain impacts etc) will damage the surface and the resultant damage would render the coating ineffective and allow fouling to become attached.

Failure to meet some of the necessary criteria for successful use of a foul-release system could actually result in a heavily fouled hull which in turn will increase emissions to the atmosphere. However, a well maintained Intersleek 900 system could offer great environmental benefits and performance longevity. Boat owners just need to be aware that some “tender, loving care” may be necessary to get the most out of the system. The Intersleek 900 foul release system is available from Interlux and may be applied by qualified boat yards. A pre-approval process is necessary. If you’re interested, contact us today!