yachtpaint.com Glossary of Terms - A

Alphabetical index of marine painting terms used in the construction, maintenance and repair of boats.

Abrasion resistance
Resistance to mechanical wear

The agent used for abrasive blast cleaning, for example sand or grit

Process of soaking up, or assimilation of one substance by another

Catalyst, hardener, accelerator, curing agent, reactor; a material which accelerates a reaction

Acid Number
A numerical index of free acid in an oil or resin

Catalyst, hardener, accelerator, curing agent, reactor; a material which reacts with another material to turn aliquid coating to a solid coating.

Bonding strength ; the attraction of a coating to the substrate

Process of attraction to a surface; the retention of foreign molecules on the surface of a substrate

Air cap
Air nozzle ; perforated housing for atomizing air at head of spray gun

Air drying
Dries by oxidation or evaporative drying by simple exposure

Air entrapment
Inclusion of air bubbles in paint film

Airless spraying
Spraying without atomizing air, using hydraulic pressure

Resins prepared by reacting alcohols and acids

Surface imperfections of paint having the appearance of alligator hide

Ambient temperature
Room temperature or temperature of surroundings

Amine sweat
A thin sticky film which forms on the surface of a epoxy coat caused by inadequate curing temperatures and/or high humidity

Anchor pattern
Profile, surface roughness

Bottom paint ; Paints formulated especially for below-water-line surfaces and structures to prevent the growth of barnacles and other organisms on ships' bottoms