yachtpaint.com Glossary of Terms - D

Alphabetical index of marine painting terms used in the construction, maintenance and repair of boats.

Chemical solution for grease removal

Dew Point
Temperature at which moisture condenses, making painting impossible

A type of viscosity that increases as you agitate the product

Distinction Of Image ; measurement of the clarity of the coating by its ability to reflect the image of a given object

Dry Film Thickness (DFT)
The film thickness of paint after all of the solvent has evaporated from the wet paint

Dry to Handle
Time interval between application and ability to pick up without damage

Dry to Recoat
Time interval between application and ability to receive next coat satisfactorily

Dry Spray
Overspray, bounce back ; sand finish due to paint particles being partially dried before reaching the surface

Drying Time
Time interval between application and final cure

Loss of gloss or sheen