How do I treat osmosis?

Proper preparation of the gelcoat
This includes getting all of the antifouling paint and primers off and removal of as much gelcoat as necessary to get the hull dry (i.e. the entire gelcoat or just small areas). A professional, who has looked at your boat, should make this determination.

Drying of the hull
This is the most critical step in the process. If you do not get the hull dry it will re-blister. We recommend a comprehensive washing and drying procedure.

Application of Epiglass®
Epiglass is a solventless epoxy used to seal up the laminate and fill any cloth that has been voided of resin.

Application of InterProtect® 2000E
InterProtect 2000E provides a water barrier to minimize the possibility of reoccurrence of damage and will act as a tie-coat to the antifouling. Contact our Technical Help Desk to obtain a copy of the InterProtect Bulletin 900.