Is there an easy way to remove bottom/topside paints?

When removing bottom paint from fiberglass be sure to use a paint remover that says it can be used on fiberglass such as Interstrip 299E. Interstrip 299E also works extremely well on wood and metal surfaces.

Application Directions

  1. Use in shaded, well ventilated area at room temperature (60°-80°F or 16°-27°C).
  2. Protect floor or work area with a plastic tarp to catch run-off
  3. Using a natural bristle brush, apply a liberal coat of Interstrip over paint or varnish to be removed in an area no larger than 10 square feet. Allow Interstrip to stand until all layers of existing paint are penetrated. This will vary from as little as 15 minutes for one layer to as long as 2 hours for several coats, depending on temperature. Begin scraping - if paint does not come off easily, reapply with longer wait time. After the surface is thoroughly scraped clean, apply Iinterstrip Liquid Stripper 399 to remove any residual paint or wipe the surface with a rag or pad soaked with Interlux Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202. Caution! To avoid damage to fiberglass do not leave Interstrip 299E on for more than 8 hours. Enamels removed from fiberglass will reveal gelcoat that has not been exposed to the same level of UV light as the surrounding area. Color variations in the gelcoat are likely. CAUTION: Interstrip products are safe for most substrates but not all fiberglass and gelcoats are of the same quality and are not all cured to the same hardness. A test should be performed in an inconspicuous area to assure it will not harm the substrate