yachtpaint.com Glossary of Terms - F

Alphabetical index of marine painting terms used in the construction, maintenance and repair of boats.

Reduction in brightness of colour

Device for measuring colour retention or fade resistance

Fallout (Spray)

Feather Edge
Tapered edge

Extender, bulking agent; ingredients added to paint to increase coverage, reduce cost, achieve durability, alter appearance and influence other desirable properties

Any single coat or layer of paint applied to a surface, rather than a 'paint scheme'

Film Build
Dry thickness characteristics per coat

Film Former
A substance which forms a skin or membrane when dried from a liquid state

Film Integrity
Degree of continuity of film

Film Thickness gauge
Device for measuring film thickness above substrate ; dry or wet film thickness gauges are available

Fish Eye

Disintegration in small flakes

Non-uniform sheen is noted in irregular areas caused by inadequate and non-uniform priming and resultant loss of vehicle into substrate

Flash Point
The temperature at which a flammable liquid produces sufficient vapour to allow ignition by a small external flame or spark

Flash Rusting
Rapid surface rusting of freshly prepared steel usually caused by rainwater, condensation or grit blasting

Separation of pigment colours on surface

Force Drying
Acceleration of drying time by increasing the temperature and forced air circulation available