yachtpaint.com Glossary of Terms - S

Alphabetical index of marine painting terms used in the construction, maintenance and repair of boats.

Sacrificial Anode
An electropositive metal, such as zinc, that protects a more important electronegative part by corroding when attacked by electrolytic action.

Curtaining ; Excessive flow of paint on vertical surfaces causing imperfections with thick lower edges in the paint film, not as excessive as runs.

Paint used to seal the substrate or previous coats and prevent interaction between subsequent coats applied.

Caking ; sediment.

Ratio between the weight of a substance and that of the same volume of water.

Degree of gray tone in a colour.

Gloss level between 10-30% when measured on an 85° head.

Shelf Life
Maximum interval in which a material may be stored in usable condition.

The formation of a tough, skin-like covering on liquid paints and varnishes when exposed to oxygen.

A liquid in which another substance may be dissolved.

Solving Entrapment
If solvents do not evaporate before a paint film cures, they can become trapped within the coating scheme, causes soft paint films, poor gloss and splitting.

Defect where a paint coating fails owing to poor cohesive (internal) strength, rather than poor adhesion. Usually caused by solvent entrapment and/or undercure.

Spot Priming
The priming of small areas of a previously painted surface where the substrate has been exposed.

Spray Cap
Front enclosure of spray gun equipped with atomizing air holes.

Surface to be painted.

Manufactured ; not occuring naturally.