Product Stewardship Policy

The Yacht Sub-Business Unit will carry out its activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. As a signatory to Coatings Care®, the care and responsibility program of the Coatings industry, we will implement Product Stewardship throughout the sub-business unit and through its objectives to endeavour to protect employees, customers, the public and environment by:

  • Making protection of health, safety and the environment an early and integral part of our product development process.
  • Providing high quality and relevant information on the safe use and disposal of our products.
  • Being responsive to the concerns of the community, customers, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Complying with all legal requirements affecting our operations and our products in the countries in which we do business.
  • Actively participating with industry associations in the development of equitable and attainable standards throughout the world.
Product Stewardship shall be co-ordinated at the Business Unit level and progress within the Yacht Business Unit reported at each meeting of the Business Unit Executive.

Neil Plowman, Yacht sBU Manager