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UV Wax Sealer

UV Wax Sealer is a high performance, deep-gloss wax sealer. It is a non-abrasive reactive wax sealing solution with a fluoro micro additive. Provides excellent protection against dirt and oil contamination.
  • Use with Marine Polish for the longest-lasting ultimate protection
  • Thin film reactive formula provides the ultimate UV protection
  • May be left for an extended period prior to polishing off
  • Machine polishable
  • Provides long-lasting, high gloss, hard-shell protection
  • May be used in direct sunlight
  • Produces dirt-repellant, easy to clean surface
  • Also suitable for use on the car, caravan or garden furniture

Technical Specifications

Area Above the waterline 
Finish/Sheen: N/A 
Pack sizes: 500 ml 
  • Other
Suitable for high speed craft n/a 
Suitable for high fouling areas n/a 
Application Method
  • Brush
  • Cloth
No. Of Coats
Practical Coverage

The product data provided is intended as a general overview to aid product selection and as such represents typical values. For more specific application guidance, please refer to the product datasheet provided.