Glossary of Terms

Alphabetical index of marine painting terms used in the construction, maintenance and repair of boats.


A - Abrasion resistance to Antifouling

Abrasion resistance, Abrasive, Absorption, Accelerator, Acid Number, Activator, Adhesion, Adsorption, Air cap, Air drying, Air entrapment, Airless spraying, Alkyd, Alligatoring, Ambient temperature, Amine Sweat, Anchor pattern, Antifouling

B - Barrier coat to Bulking agent

Barrier coat, Base, Binder, Biocide-free, Bituminous Coating, Blast Angle, Blast Cleaning, Bleeding, Blistering, Blooming, Body, Bonding, Bottom Paint, Boxing, Bridging, Brittleness, Brushability, Bubbling, Bulking Agent

C - Carbon footprint to Curtaining

Carbon footprint, Carbon neutral, Catalyst, Cat-eye, Cathodic protection, CFC or Chlorofluorocarbons, Chalking, Cissing, Checking, Chipping, Chlorinated Rubber, Cleaner, Coat Tar Epoxy Paint , Coat Tar Urethane Paint, Cobwebbing, Color Retention, Compatibility, Copper-free, Corrosion, Coverage rate, Cracking, Cratering, Crawling, Crazing, Cross-linking, Curing, Curing Agent, Curtaining

D - Degradable biocides to Dulling

Degradable biocides, Degreaser, Dew Point, Dilatant, DOI, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Dry Film Thickness(DFT), Dry Spray, Drying Time, Dry to Handle, Dry to Recoat, Dry to Touch, Dulling

E - Eco-efficient to External mix

Eco-efficient, Eco premium, Ecotoxic, Ecological or Environmental footprint, Electrostatic Spray, Emissions, Emulsion Paint, Enamel, Environmental impact, Environmentally friendly, Erosion, Evaporation, Extender, External Mix

F - Fadeometer to Fuel efficient antifouling

Fadeometer, Fading, Fallout (spray), Feather Edge, Filler, Film, Film Build, Film Former, Film Integrity, Film Thickness Gauge, Fish Eye, Flash Point, Flashing, Flash Rusting, Flaking, Floating, Force Drying, Fuel efficient antifouling

G - Galvanising to Grit

Galvanising, Galvanic Corrosion, Gel Coat, Gel Time, Gloss, Gloss Reaction, Greenhouse gas, Greenwash, Grit

H - HAPS to Humidity

HAPS or Hazardous Air Pollutant, HAPS free, Hardener, Hardness, Hazardous, Heavy Metal, High Build Coatings, High Solids, Holiday, Humidity

I - Impact Resistance to Intercoat Contamination

Impact Resistance, Intercoat Adhesion, Intercoat Contamination


K - Kreb Units

Kreb Units

L - Lacquer to Low VOC

Lacquer, Lapping, Leafing, Legislative bodies, Lifting, Low copper leaching, Low odour, Low solar absorption, Low surface energy, Low VOC

M - Mandrel test to Mud-cracking

Mandrel Test, M & R, Metamerism, Milage, Miscible, Mist-coat, Mix Ratio, MSDS, Mud-cracking

N - Natural products to Non-volatile

Natural products, Non-flammable, Non-persistent biocide, Non-toxic, Non-volatile

O - Opacity to Ozone friendly

Opacity, Orange Peel, Osmosis, Overcure, Overspray, Oxidation, Ozone friendly

P - Peeling to Profile depth

Peeling, Pickling, Pigments, Pimpling, Pin-holing, Pot-life, Preventive Maintenance Painting, Primer, Product stewardship, Profile, Profile Depth


R - Reactor to Rust

Reactor, Recyclable, Reflectance, Resin, Runs, Rust

S - Sacrificial Anode to Synthetic

Sacrificial Anode, Sagging, Sealer, Settling, SG, Shade, Sheen, Shelf Life, Skinning, Societal concern, Solvent, Solvent Entrapment, Splitting, Spot Priming, Spray Cap, Substrate, Sustainability, Synthetic

T - Tack to Two-pack

Tack, TDS, Thermoplastic, Thermosetting, Thinner, Thixotropic, Tie Coat, Tooth, Touch-dry, Turpentine, Two-pack

U - Underatomized to Urethane

Underatomized, Undercure, Urethane

V - VOC to Volume Solids

VOC, Varnish, Vehicle, Viscosity, Viscosity Cup, Volatility, Volume solids

W - Wash primer to Wrinkling

Wash primer, Water based / low VOC coating, Water blasting, Water spotting, Weld spatter, Weld slag, Wet edge, Wet rot, Wet spray, Wet film thickness (WFT), White copper, Wrinkling


Y - Yellowing


Z - Zinc spraying

Zinc Spraying