What is Micron® Technology?

Micron Technology is the basis of all Micron bottom paints and the formulations are second to none. Micron Technology was first introduced to the industry in the early 80's and has evolved into the class leading antifouling paints.
- Longest lasting, multi-season ability to haul and re-launch without repainting
- Controlled polishing like a bar of soap reduces paint build up, eliminating the need for sanding
- Micron Technology polishes to a smoother surface than hard antifoulings - maximizing fuel savings
- Unlike old fashion high copper bottom paints, Micron uses less copper more efficiently for longest lasting antifouling protection

Micron Technology vs old fashioned hard antifoulings
After many years of using old fashioned hard high copper bottom paints, the paint film continues to build up, become brittle, and starts to crack and flake off. Micron Technology antifoulings polish at a controlled rate and therefore will never build up. It is this controlled polishing that enables Micron to be used on all boats, in all waters, and at all times! No paint build up means that you will never have to remove old layers of Micron and spend precious hours or money each time you want to repaint.

Micron Technology and fuel savings
There's another added benefit to controlled polishing: fuel savings! The roughness caused by old fashioned hard high copper bottom paints creates extra drag on boat bottoms requiring the use of more horsepower. With extra horsepower comes extra fuel consumption, extra fuel consumption means more money at the fuel pump. There is only one way to ensure that the bottom is smooth and that is to choose Micron Technology. Micron Technology antifouling polishes at a controlled rate leaving your bottom smooth - remember the smoother the bottom paint, the lower the resistance; the lower the surface resistance the better the fuel economy.