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A medium to high density two part epoxy filler. Epifill can be used above and below the waterline and is ideal for all manner of filling jobs. It is especially suitable for those jobs where compressive forces are where compressive forces are high (ie: between keels and hulls). It is also ideal for use as bedding material under deck fittings such as winches. It has an easy to use 2:1 mix ratio

Technical Specifications

Area Above and below the waterline 
Finish/Sheen: 'None' 
Pack sizes: 100 g 220 g 440 g 875 g 1.75 kg 
Suitable for aluminium n/a 
Suitable for high fouling areas n/a 
Application Method
No. Of Coats
Practical Coverage

The product data provided is intended as a general overview to aid product selection and as such represents typical values. For more specific application guidance, please refer to the product datasheet provided.