Available Sales Codes/Colors

Gray Metallic



VC® Offshore Baltoplate is specialized antifouling bottom paint for the serious racer. It combines the fouling resistance of an antifouling finish with the smoothness and lubricity of a superior racing bottom finish in one coating. Baltoplate racing finish antifouling is unlike any bottom paint you have ever used. It dries to a dull finish. Sand and polish it and watch an amazing change take place. What was a dull finish is now a gleaming metallic finish. Baltoplate is recommended for use in all waters.

Technical Specifications

Area Below the waterline 
Finish/Sheen: Matte 
Pack sizes: 1 US Gallon  
  • Lead
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Cast Iron
Suitable for aluminum No 
Suitable for high fouling areas Good 
Application Method
  • Brush
  • Conventional Spray
  • Roller
No. Of Coats
  • 3 - 4
  • 3 - 4
  • 3 - 4
Practical Coverage
  • 274
  • 144
  • 274
  • Y216
  • Y216
  • Y216

The product data provided is intended as a general overview to aid product selection and as such represents typical values. For more specific application guidance, please refer to the product datasheet provided.