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Interprotect 2000VOC

Interprotect 2000E is a unique two part epoxy coating, developed to protect new and used fiberglass hulls from water absorption. InterProtect 2000E is the key component of the Interlux Ultimate No Sand System, where some OEM's have seen up to 40% reduction in labor/project time! Due to its anti-corrosive properties it is also ideal for use on metal.
  • Contains Micro-plates® for extra protection
  • Excellent adhesion to fiberglass, composite, metal and wood
  • Long overcoating times between coats add versatility & flexibility in a boatyard environment
  • Compatible with Interlux primers, antifoulings and Interfill fairing compounds
Microplates® in Interprotect 2000E create an overlapping barrier to eliminate any direct path for water migration. Lower emissions formulations available: Interprotect 2000VOC. Interprotect 2000E is now available in 3 gallon packaging to aid efficiencies in the boat yard.

Technical Specifications

Area Below the waterline 
Finish/Sheen: Matte 
Pack sizes: 1 US Gallon  
  • Aluminium
  • Lead
  • Steel
  • Cast Iron
Suitable for aluminum  
Suitable for high fouling areas  
Application Method
  • Airless Spray
  • Brush
  • Conventional Spray
  • Roller
No. Of Coats
  • 4 - 5
  • 4 - 5
  • 4 - 5
  • 4 - 5
Practical Coverage
  • 107
  • 219
  • 107
  • 219

The product data provided is intended as a general overview to aid product selection and as such represents typical values. For more specific application guidance, please refer to the product datasheet provided.